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Benefits for Students

Hands-on Experience

Students will gain complete hands-on experience on the tools that are regularly used in industry and the FOSS community. Pro-actively building skills in such tools will make it possible for them to contribute to FOSS and also pitch for systems design and administration, research and software development opportunities professionally.

Awareness and Skills

Awareness of methods and practices used in industry or FOSS community: It is not just tools that are essential – awareness and experience with established and ad-hoc methods and practices will enable students to fit in easily and quickly into global communities and participate effectively.

Opportunity to learn and experiment safely

Opportunity to experiment and learn safely without affecting the production deployment of services in the lab. Students should not just be users and consumers of technology. By demonstrating the fact that such infrastructure can be built effectively and affordably by choosing Self Hosting and Free Software, we can enable them to also attempt to do the same and learn and build so much more.